Real-time Fuzzy BCI features

► Continuous EEG monitoring
► Compatibility with BrainVision Data Server (via TCP/IP communication)
► Filtering
    — band pass signal filtering
    — notch filtering
    — Common Average Reference (CAR) spatial filtering
    — De-trending techniques
► Efficient P300 Detection algorithm
► Extraction of P300
    — removing a constant DC offset
    — high-resolution alignment of neuronal events
    — removing false positives
► Preprocessing with computationally efficient PCA
    — automatic determination the number of PCs to retain
    — automatic determination the number of clusters to be found
► Automatic offline fuzzy BCI clustering analysis
► Automatic online fuzzy BCI classification
► 2D and 3D visualization tools
► Quantitative quality assessment of classification
► Basic statistics, false-positive and false-negative analysis, EEG spectrum etc.
► Export the results to external applications

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